Nazi Nexus: America's Corporate Connections To Hitler's Holocaust

HISTORICAL TRUTH. In Nazi Nexus, once more Edwin Black leaves all those interested in historical truth very much in his debt.
– Martin Gilbert, author, A History of the Twentieth Century

EDWIN BLACK DOES IT AGAIN. Nazi Nexus outlines the horrible interface of American business, technology, and science, as well as academic research in the quest of Hitler’s genocide. This book is a must read book for anyone interested in the ethics of business and research, as well as the Holocaust.
– Samuel Edelman, co-director, State of California Center for the Study of the Holocaust, Genocide, Human Rights, and Tolerance

CHILLING. CONNECTS THE DOTS. Edwin Black connects the dots masterfully in Nazi Nexus to remind us that Hitler’s horrors were as deeply rooted in American board rooms as they were in German war rooms. It’s impossible to observe current world events without seeing Nazi Nexus as a chilling cautionary tale.
– Max Wallace, author, The American Axis: Ford, Lindbergh and the Rise of the Third Reich

A BREAKTHROUGH. Edwin Black in Nazi Nexus breaks through a terrible chapter in human history to expose the sad complicity of American corporations in the Holocaust. Black’s research, investigation, and reporting guarantee we can learn from the sad mistakes that allowed such atrocities to occur.
– Joseph Grieboski, president, Institute for Religion and Public Policy

Nazi Nexus is the long-awaited wrap-up in a single explosive volume that details pivotal American corporate connections to the Holocaust. The biggest names and crimes are all there: IBM and its facilitation of the identification and accelerated destruction of the Jews; General Motors and its rapid motorization of the German military, enabling the conquest of Europe and the capture of Jews everywhere; Ford Motor Company for its political inspiration; the Rockefeller Foundation for its financing of deadly eugenic science and the program that sent Mengele into Auschwitz; the Carnegie Institution for its proliferation of the concept of race science, racial laws, and the very mathematical formula used to brand the Jews for systematic destruction; and others.

Nazi Nexus is available from Amazon, Amazon-CA, Amazon-UK, B&N, and other fine booksellers worldwide. Investigative journalist and historian Edwin Black is the author of Banking on Baghdad, BP and the Redline Agreement, The Farhud, Financing the Flames, IBM and the Holocaust, Internal Combustion, Nazi Nexus, The Plan, The Transfer Agreement, War Against the Weak, and a 1999 novel, Format C: